Attorney Referrals

Our firm receives many of our personal injury cases on a referral basis from other law firms. Word of mouth is our best form of advertising. We are proud of this in that it reflects the confidence other attorneys have in us.

We are more than happy to enter into agreements with referring attorneys to pay 25% of the attorney fee received in accordance with Rule 4-1.5 (f)(4)(D) of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar.

The following are some representative cases in which we paid referral fees to other lawyers:

Medical Malpractice - $83,333.33 Referral Fee

This case involved a group of claimants against a plastic surgeon for medical malpractice. The surgeon: was performing substandard surgeries; was keeping patients overnight in his medical office that was not designed or approved for doing so; was doing revisionary work only weeks after botched initial surgeries instead of waiting months to allow the body to heal; and, ultimately, closed his doors abandoning his patients. Due, at least in part, to our diligence with the Florida Board of Medicine, the doctor’s license was revoked, preventing more harm to patients.

Wrongful Death – Hunting Accident - $83,333.33 Referral Fee

This tragic case resulted from a young man killed in a hunting accident. Before the case was referred to us, several other law firms turned down the case. We were able to locate insurance coverage and fought to prove the insurance policy covered the accident.

Legal Malpractice - $83,333.33 Referral Fee

This case involved malpractice by a lawyer handling an extraordinarily complex set of claims. Unfortunately, the claims required expert witnesses in order to prove damages, yet, the attorney failed to disclose such experts as required by the court. We were able to resolve the case with an extensive demand package that convinced the insurer that refusing to pay the full policy limit would result in a huge verdict against the lawyer.

Assisted Living Facility - $20,700.00 Referral fee

Our client suffered from Alzheimer's dementia. He was a resident at an assisted living facility located in Jacksonville. The man attended adult day care at another facility. In order to get to the other facility, he was to be transported by non-emergency medical transportation. Instead of walking him to the door, which was specifically required to his level of confusion, our client was let out at the curb. He never made it inside the facility, but instead, became lost on the streets of North Jacksonville. After being lost for hours, he was found with serious facial injuries. The exact cause of his injuries was not able to be ascertained as he could not recall what happened.

Car Accident - $7,500.00 Referral Fee – Uninsured Motorist Claim Still Pending

Our client was in a violent collision caused by a drunk driver who was also impaired on the tranquilizer, Xanax. The insurer for the at-fault driver paid her full $100,000.00 in bodily injury coverage. The uninsured motorist claim seeking the value of her personal injury claim above the $100,000.00 settlement is pending. The referring lawyer will also receive a referral fee for the anticipated recovery in the u.m. claim.

It is very common for us to get referrals from attorneys from states other than Florida. This typically happens when someone from another state is injured while traveling through Jacksonville, usually on I-95. This provides the client a great deal of comfort in that he or she gets the benefit of going through an attorney near them with whom he or she may have an existing relationship, while getting the benefit of a lawyer here in Jacksonville able to file suit if a fair pre-suit settlement is not offered.

We gladly pay referral fees for any contingency case we accept including: personal injury; car accidents; slip and falls; nursing home abuse or negligence; insurance claims; and premises liability.