Business, Contract and Commercial Litigation

The Lawrence Law Group, P.A., has experience litigating contract, business and commercial disputes. Across multiple industries, we have helped our clients address and resolve disputes arising from a wide array of business matters including complex contract disputes, disputes regarding insurance claims, construction defects, commercial and residential real estate transactions, collection of bad debts, shareholder and partnership disputes, wage disputes, non-compete agreements, employment disputes, business dissolution, bankruptcy disputes and creditors' rights. We are dedicated to both protecting our clients' rights and interests as well as defending them from the wrongful claims of others.

Importantly, we also recognize that protracted litigation is not always the best answer for a small business as too often such matters can become a lose-lose proposition with only the attorneys benefiting. Accordingly, we maintain a close relationship with our clients to permit us to address issues and explore our clients' actual needs before the expense of litigation becomes unavoidable.

While we typically undertake business and commercial disputes on an hourly rate basis, unlike many law firms, we will accept matters on a contingency fee basis in appropriate circumstances. This allows an individual or company to hire an attorney to pursue a debt without incurring any out of pocket expense and without incurring any expense at all unless a recovery is made.

For example, we currently represent a business that provides services to ship at the Jacksonville Port. An intermediary company handles the bills for the various owners of the ships. After many months went by without payment, the business hired us on a contingency basis to bring its claims against the intermediary company. Due to the financial stress imposed by the unpaid bills, the client was not able to pay us on an hourly basis. As a result, we agreed to handle the case on a contingency basis. Through this arrangement, we were able to recover money owed the client.

In other scenarios, we can be hired without the client incurring out of pocket expense as some types of claims provide that the defendant is obligated to pay attorney fees to the plaintiff if the plaintiff win the case. Examples include claims for unpaid wages or commissions owed to an employee and claims against an insurance company for failing to fairly pay a claim brought by one of its insureds. In these circumstances, if we are successful, the client recoups and keeps 100% of what was owed and the client’s attorney is paid by the other side,

Most business litigation focuses on breaches of contracts, ranging from a simple failure to pay a debt to a complex construction dispute. Despite the differences, the principles remain the same: one or both of the parties have failed to live up to their end of a bargain. Unfortunately, it sometimes requires a lawsuit to get them to do so. As such, hiring a law firm experienced in contract or business litigation is a good idea. If you have a breach of contract or other business dispute in the Jacksonville, Florida, area, we are more than happy to sit down with you and provide a free no obligation consultation.