Communities Served

The Lawrence Law Group, P.A., handles injury, insurance and nursing home neglect cases throughout Northeast Florida including the following counties and communities:

Some law firms advertise statewide or nationwide, even though they do not have a local office. This can present concerns as each county has their own judges (with a few exceptions) and separate populations from which jurors are selected. In Florida state courts, juries are comprised of citizens that have driver’s licenses that reside in the same county where the lawsuit was filed. As such, it is helpful to hire a lawyer that is familiar with the makeup and characteristics of each county.

The counties in Northeast Florida are very diverse. For example, Duval County has a large population consisting of an urban core with surrounding suburban areas. Through growth, the rural areas in Duval County now represent a very small fraction of the county. In fact, at one time, firm lawyer, Greg Lawrence, represented four dairy farms in the Northeast Florida area. Now, due to the land being purchased for residential development, only one of them is still in operation.

In comparison, Union County is extremely small and remains essentially entirely rural. With numerous correctional institutes in the area, juries commonly include corrections officers and other employees of the prison system. These jurors tend to be much more conservative than those located in a more urban area.

As another example, Putnam County is considered to be one of the poorest counties in Florida. Factors like these should be taken into consideration as a Putnam County jury may view a $100,000.00 verdict differently that a county with wealthier residents. In other words, the same case may have very different values depending on the county in which it is filed.

Sometimes, based on the location of an accident and the defendant’s county of residence, the injured person may have a choice in which county to file suit. In such a circumstance, hiring a law firm with familiarity with the counties at issue can be very helpful.

Clay County is split, with the south and west parts of the county remaining rural with the north and east parts being mostly suburban. The suburban areas serve employment centers in Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Naval Air Station, which is only several miles north of Orange Park on Highway 17. Because of this, Clay County is considered to be a more conservative venue than Duval County.

Nassau County is similarly split between rural and suburban areas, with its largest town being Fernandina Beach with a population of approximately 12,000 people. Baker County is almost entirely rural and its largest town, Macclenny, has an estimated 6,500 residents. Alachua County is dominated by the University of Florida, with a student population nearing 50,000. These students, coupled with the professors, make up a very large portion of Alachua County’s 250,000 people.

Firm attorney, Greg Lawrence, grew up in Orange Park, located in Clay County. Throughout the years, he has also lived in Nassau County, Duval County and Alachua County (for college and law school).

Client Reviews
I have known Mr. Lawrence for several years and in my opinion he is the most professional and trustworthy lawyer I have ever known. I have had dealings with other lawyers but they were not as good as Mr. Lawrence. I would highly recommend him. Carla
I was referred to Greg by a coworker after I received a bad injury from an auto accident and was so pleased with Greg, and staff. They literally took care of everything for me while I was healing and kept me updated every step of the way. Calls and emails were always accepted and returned promptly and they were extremely patient and helpful with any questions and concerns that I had. Should I ever need legal assistance again I will definitely be calling him and referring him to family and friends. Amie M.
I had a difficult disability case, and was referred to Greg by a judge. As an experienced lawyer myself, I was apprehensive about using someone I didn't know. As it turned out, however, I could not have been more pleased. Greg mastered the case in no time, and was nothing short of brilliant in getting me a substantial settlement. He's a lawyer's lawyer, and I recommend him highly and without reservation. Steve
I would like to take a moment to say thanks to Greg, and his staff for doing an excellent job with my deceased mothers nursing home case. After hiring two other law firms my brothers and I decided to hire Greg. This was the best decision that we made regarding this case. Greg took the time to get to know who our deceased mother was, and the important facts involving our claim. As a result Greg was successful in resolving our claim to our satisfaction. Greg is the best attorney that I have ever met! I would highly recommend hiring Greg for any nursing home, or any other claims. Falsario Arnold
Of all the things that pleased me about Greg was that he was always available to me. If I called or emailed, I spoke to him and wasn't pushed off to one of his paralegals or assistants (although they were very helpful as well). I felt like I had a lawyer - not a factory. Scott