Nassau County, Florida, Car Accident Lawyers

The lawyers at The Lawrence Law Group focus on car accidents that take place in Nassau County, Florida, among other Northeast Florida counties. Not all car accident attorneys in Nassau County, Florida, have the same familiarity with the area. Having lived in Nassau County, firm attorney, Greg Lawrence, knows the highways and byways there very well.

Nassau County has some characteristics that lead to a large number of car accidents. First, of course, is the fact that the major artery into the State of Florida, Interstate 95 (I-95), runs the length of the county. With the amount of traffic on I-95, the number of car and truck accidents with serious injuries is unfortunately very high. Fatal accidents causing wrongful deaths are an all too common occurrence.

Highway 17 parallels I-95, running north and south through the county. It has numerous intersections which can lead to accidents, especially the intersection with County Road 200 (also known as A1A) in Yulee, Florida. Compounding the danger of Highway 17 is that, in many areas of the highway, traffic traveling in opposite directions is not separated by a median or barrier. This means that vehicles travelling in opposite directions can be involved in a high speed collision by simply crossing the center line. With the number of distractions facing drivers these days including cell phones, texting, social media, and gps devices, the possibility of an accident resulting from a driver crossing the center line is always present.

State Road 121 also presents serious risks. It is a one lane in each direction, high-speed roadway that runs along the western border of the property alongside the St. Mary’s River. Because of the numerous residential driveways that enter State Road 121, vehicles entering and slowing to exit the roadway pose a danger when interacting with through traffic. Tragically, there have been a number of fatal accidents along this rural roadway in recent years.

Highways 301 and U.S. 1 also run through Nassau County and have seen their fair share of auto and eighteen wheeler trucking accidents. While these roadways do have large medians, the commercial and logging truck traffic through this area is heavy.

State Road 200 crosses from Callahan into Fernandina Beach. As a high speed thoroughfare, accidents, including rear end collisions, left turn accidents and running of red lights at intersections are common.

People suffering personal injuries in Nassau County accidents are often transported to Baptist Medical Center Nassau hospital. For very serious trauma, injured persons are usually taken to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center, sometimes by life flight helicopters. For follow-up care, there are numerous medical providers in the county, including Baptist Health, Coastal Spine and Pain, primary care doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors.

As a Nassau County, Florida, car accident lawyers, we have handled cases involving car and trucking accidents throughout the county. It helps to hire an attorney with experience with the county in which an accident happened. If you have been need car accident attorney serving Nassau County, Florida, you can contact our lawyers for a free no-obligation consultation. If we accept your injury or wrongful death claim, you will pay our law firm nothing unless a recovery is made for you.