Notable Verdicts in Duval County - Jacksonville

The following jury verdicts were rendered in Duval County. These verdicts are not representative of typical cases, rather, they are considered “notable” because of the large damage awards. These cases were not handled by The Lawrence Law Group, P.A. For cases handled by The Lawrence Law Group, P.A., please see our “Firm News” section and our Google reviews.

$1,637,216.42 Verdict Awarded for Man Injured in Rear-End Car Accident in Mayport – July 26, 2012

A man suffered injuries including a permanent scar after he was hurt in a rear-end car accident on Mayport Road in Jacksonville, Florida. Because the defendant rear ending the man was an underinsured motorist, the plaintiff sued the at-fault driver and his own car insurance company for underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. While the plaintiff was in litigation with his automobile insurer, the parties stipulated the other driver was negligent and therefore liable for the rear-end car accident.

$13,188,000.00 Award for Woman Injured in Elevator Malfunction – August 31, 2012

A woman suffered knee and leg injuries which caused her to be wheelchair bound after an elevator accident. While the woman was in the elevator, it fell several times and abruptly came to a halt each time as it made its decent from the 23rd floor to the basement. The jury determined that the elevator company was negligent in maintaining the elevator and was thus responsible for her personal injuries, which also included post-traumatic stress disorder.

$2,300,000.00 Verdict for Woman's Family After Suffering Fatal Nursing Home Accident - October 2000

An elderly woman was injured while being transported via wheelchair by an employee at a Jacksonville nursing home. The employee transporting the woman failed to use an available wheelchair ramp, and instead, wheeled the unrestrained resident down the curb, resulting in her falling out of the wheelchair and onto the concrete, breaking both legs in multiple places. The woman died after suffering for several months in a Jacksonville hospital. The nursing home was found to be negligent for inadequate care and violating Florida’s Nursing Home Bill of Rights.

$922,665.00 Verdict for Estate of Deceased Resident at Assisted Living Facility

A jury ruled in favor of an elderly man who died as a result of negligent care at nursing home in Jacksonville, Florida. The man suffered bed sores, severe bruising, multiple skin tears, malnutrition and dehydration after being at the nursing home for only 17 days. He died a month later at a Jacksonville hospital.

$750,000.00 Awarded to Nursing Home Rape Victim’s Family – February 22, 2007

An elderly woman was raped at a Jacksonville nursing home by a fellow resident. Her famly sued the nursing home for negligence and violating Florida’s Nursing Home Bill of Rights. The resident who raped the elderly woman previously exhibited dangerous behavior, including striking nurses and threatening to stab them. The man had a lengthy criminal record, including 59 arrests and two sex crime convictions. The injured woman’s lawyer successfully argued that the perpetrator should have been removed from the nursing home prior to the incident.