Practice Areas

The attorneys at The Lawrence Law Group have experience in a wide variety of cases, including those involving nursing home abuse, personal injuries, and insurance disputes. Specifically, we take pride in representing clients with legal issues in the following practice areas:

Attorneys Greg Lawrence and Kasey Wagner have years of experience handling cases in all of the above-listed practice areas. Both Mr. Lawrence and Ms. Wagner began their careers working for insurance companies. During that time, they learned how insurance companies address different types of claims and what it takes to make an adjuster settle a claim for its true and fair value. Most insurers use computer programs to evaluate claims, and in order to successfully resolve a claim, it is essential to understand what important elements must be presented to the insurer. Since our attorneys have worked for insurance companies and adjusters, we have a deep understanding of the claims evaluation process and how to maximize the value of each client's case. The Lawrence Law Group knows exactly how to assure that every claim is presented to the insurer in the best possible light.

It is important to note that each type of claim is unique and presents different challenges. For example, there are very specific procedural rules that must be followed in nursing home abuse cases that are different than cases involving other types of personal injuries. Additionally, many of the rules that govern insurance disputes differ from those related to other practice areas. The Lawrence Law Group specializes in all of these areas of practice and knows how to navigate the complex web each case presents.

Further, Mr. Lawrence and Ms. Wagner are committed to keeping our clients informed during every step of a case. At The Lawrence Law Group, you will never be passed off to a case manager if you need to speak to your attorney. We are committed to returning every phone call from our clients promptly. When our clients prefer, we use texting and email to stay in touch. Additionally, we copy our clients on most of the correspondence in their case so that they know exactly what is going on from day to day. In addition to Mr. Lawrence and Ms. Wagner, our committed staff is always available to provide updates to our clients and answer questions. Being a victim of someone else's negligence can be scary and alienating, but the team at The Lawrence Law Group will make you feel welcome, and throughout the handling of your case, you will know that succeeding on your behalf is our first priority.

No matter what area of the law you are dealing with, it is important to hire attorneys with experience litigating and trying cases. Mr. Lawrence and Ms. Wagner both have tried many cases in front of juries and judges, and are not afraid to take cases to court when it is necessary. If you have a legal matter in any of the areas listed above, do not hesitate to contact The Lawrence Law Group today.