Spinal Cord - Neurological Injuries

Our lawyers have represented clients in Jacksonville and throughout Northeast Florida for spinal cord and neurological injuries. Brain and spinal cord injuries can range from a single herniated disc to paralysis and brain damage. These injuries can result from many sources including: serious car accidents; workplace accidents; falls; swimming pool diving incidents; defective products; assaults; and birth related injuries.

Spinal cord injuries fall into two main categories: Patients with “complete” spinal cord injuries are unable to feel anything or control their movements below the injury area. Patients with “incomplete” spinal cord injuries have varying degrees of feeling and function below the affected area.

The complexity of such injuries makes it all the more important to have an attorney with experience handling neurological claims. Understanding the anatomical details is a must if a lawyer is going to be able to handle the case effectively. Being able to explain complex injuries in a manner easily understood by people without medical degrees helps in obtaining a fair resolution for the client.

We commonly see neurological injuries from severe whiplash. The sharp and rapid movement of the head back and forth can cause severe compression of the discs which lie between the bones throughout the spine. The discs are often described to be like a jelly donut with a layer on the outside with softer material on the inside, called the nucleous pulposis. The compression can cause the nucleous pulposis to be forced outside of the disc. This is referred to as a herniated disc. Often this material then pushes on the spinal cord. The result usually depends on the level of herniation and can cause pain and numbness into an arm and a leg. If this problem is severe, surgery may be the best option. During surgery the protruding disc material is removed and sometimes the entire disc is removed and the two vertebrae are fused.

On the other end of the spectrum, a severing of the spinal cord is a devastating and life altering injury. In addition to the massive amount of medical expenses and lost wages, the severe psychological component must be presented in order to fully demonstrate the impact of the injury.

We find that fully accounting for future loss of wages, medical expenses and life care costs is one of the most important aspects for receiving fair compensation for neurological injuries. There are many future expenses that can often be overlooked if experts in the field are not employed. In order to fully account for future expenses, we must integrate the opinions of medical doctors, life care specialists and economists. This, of course, requires the attorney be able to commit significant resources to the case. Because we do not take every case presented to us we are able to focus the whatever amount of time and financial resources are needed for the cases we do take.

If you would like to have your case reviewed at no cost to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. If we accept your case, you pay us nothing unless we make a recovery for you.