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“Justice. Served.” is more than a motto; at The Lawrence Law Group, it is our mission statement.

Serving justice can come in many forms. It can mean holding a nursing home accountable for the abuse of an elderly resident who unnecessarily dies from a painful and infected bedsore. It can mean recovering lost wages and medical bills for a single mother injured in a car accident.

In a perfect world, justice would take care of itself, but, unfortunately, that is not always the case. That is where we come in. Our Jacksonville injury lawyers have spent decades holding insurance companies, nursing home operators and careless drivers accountable for the misery and expense they cause.

In pursuing justice for our clients, we never lose sight of the fact that we are in a service industry with a lot of competitors. We get calls every week from frustrated injury victims represented by attorneys who do not return their calls and emails. Even worse, many of these people know little to nothing about the status of their cases. None of this reflects a “client-centered” approach.

Our approach is different – client calls and emails are always returned. Even if you do not call us, you will regularly be advised about the status of your case. From the very start, your first meeting will be with an attorney not an “investigator.” Your case will not simply be handed off to a paralegal. You will be able to speak with your lawyer, either in person or on the phone, whenever you need to.

Our firm focuses on the quality of cases we handle – not the quantity of cases. We do not advertise on television, billboards or radio. We never will. We do not try to undertake the large volume of accidental injury cases that some advertising attorneys handle. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with one-on-one service with an attorney. We encourage you to read our reviews and compare them to other law firms.

While our injury attorneys in Jacksonville and St. Augustine now represent individuals, we used to represent insurance companies. This means that we know insurers’ strategies, tactics and vulnerabilities. We now put that knowledge to use for you.

Suffering injuries due to the carelessness of another, whether it is a business, nursing home or vehicle driver, creates an incredible burden. Often, the injured person faces lost wages, doctor’s appointments, transportation issues, medical bills, and disabilities, not to mention severe pain. Tragically, many of our cases, especially those involving nursing homes, involve unnecessary and untimely death.

The complexities of preserving one’s rights, investigating details, securing evidence and completing paperwork can be overwhelming, to say the least. When you hire our law firm, we take the burden and stress off of your shoulders so you can focus on healing. Hiring our firm for any type of injury case costs you nothing unless we make a recovery for you.

Handling personal injury claims effectively is not something every attorney has the experience and resources to do. Our attorneys have handled injury cases since the beginning of their careers – starting by representing insurance companies. Having done so provides us the perspective and tactics of insurers, experience that has proved to be extremely helpful in representing injured people.

Our injury attorneys in Jacksonville and St. Augustine handle a wide variety of personal injury matters including those arising from: nursing home neglect; car accidents; boating accidents; trucking accidents; motorcycle accidents; slip and falls; dog bites; workplace accidents; attacks occurring as a result of inadequate security; defective products; on the job injuries; stairway falls; prescription errors; assisted living facility abuse; medical malpractice; premises liability; and uninsured motorist claims.

Personal Injury

People suffering personal injuries in Florida due to the carelessness of others have the right to obtain compensation for their pain, medical bills, lost wages and disability. Personal injury is a broad category that includes any sort of accident or incident that results in serious injury including car and trucking accidents, falls due to unsafe conditions, dog attacks, workplace injuries, defective products, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents and boating accidents, to name a few. Our lawyers have practiced in the field of personal injury law since the beginning of their careers.

Car, Trucking and Motorcycle Accidents

Vehicle accidents are a far too common occurrence in Jacksonville and St. Augustine due to our many congested interstates, highways, construction sites and growing population. People injured in a car or trucking accident are burdened with pain, medical appointments, the loss of, or damage to, their vehicle, the loss of transportation, missed work, lost wages and medical bills.

Going it alone is not necessary. Hiring us costs you nothing out-of-pocket as we only get paid from any financial recovery we make for you. While many firms will not assist you with handling the loss or damage to your vehicle, we do so at no cost to our clients – this is just one of the ways we demonstrate our client centered approach.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Our Jacksonville injury lawyers have prosecuted nursing home abuse cases for personal injury and wrongful death resulting from bedsores, falls, medication errors, infections, sepsis, malnutrition and dehydration, In doing so, we have learned that staffing is the greatest expense for nursing home operators and, all too often, the first thing to be cut in an effort to increase profits. Short-staffed nurses and assistants are assigned more nursing home residents than they can possibly care for and the result is unnecessary injury and death to our most vulnerable citizens. Thing will change when the cost of neglect exceeds the money saved by understaffing. We help to effect that change.

Here in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, our lawyers have noticed that the majority of the neglect happens at a minority of the nursing homes, mostly those for which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has assigned one or two stars out of five.

Once we accept your nursing home negligence case, we have the matter reviewed by an expert registered nurse or medical doctor to determine if the nursing home was negligent or abusive. If the expert finds neglect or abuse, we hold the operators of the nursing home accountable.

Because assisted living facility and nursing home abuse and neglect cases are subject to strict regulations, including requirements that must be met prior to filing suit, hiring a nursing home abuse lawyer with experience is critical. Our attorneys in Jacksonville and St. Augustine have both the experience and resources to obtain justice for victims of negligent nursing home care or abuse.

Wrongful Death Claims

Tragically, and all too frequently, families must cope with the unnecessary death of a loved one due to others’ carelessness. Apart from incomprehensible grief, the family must also deal with medical and funeral expenses, and often, the loss of income. Our injury attorneys in Jacksonville and St. Augustine have handled wrongful death cases resulting from: car accidents; trucking accidents; nursing home neglect and abuse; and medical malpractice.

In Florida, death claims are subject to the Wrongful Death Act, which specifies the types of damages that can be recovered. Wrongful death claims have a shortened statute of limitations of only two years, instead of the four year statute of limitations provided for general negligence claims that do not involve death.

Furthermore, in order to pursue a wrongful death act case, a probate estate must be opened. Our firm incurs this expense for our clients to hire expert probate attorneys to handle the estate. The expenses for doing this, as with all of the expenses incurred in prosecuting the claim, are paid by our firm and only repaid to us if we win the case.

Premises Liability and Pedestrian Injuries

When a person is injured on the property of a business or on public property, he or she can obtain reimbursement for injuries, medical bills and lost wages if the owner of the property was negligent. This type of negligence can come in many forms. Injury cases our lawyers have handled include: liquid spilled on the floor of a restaurant or grocery store that was not cleaned up promptly; stairways without a proper handrail or uneven spacing of steps; large cracks or holes in walkways; forklift operators striking pedestrians; trees covering stop signs that cause car accidents; exposed metal or rebar; poorly marked changes in flooring height; and foreseeable crime without appropriate security measures put in place.

Assisted Living Facility Neglect

Like nursing home neglect, claims against assisted living facilities (“ALFs”) are subject to a statutory scheme that requires compliance with a pre-suit evaluation and notice process. Florida Statute § 429.293 governs claims against ALFs.

Once we have obtained the client’s records from the assisted living facility and the hospital or other medical providers that treated the client’s injuries, we have the matter reviewed by a licensed physician or registered nurse who has expertise in the field of assisted living facilities. If that expert comes to the conclusion that the injuries resulted from neglect, we are then able to serve a pre-suit notice on the operators of the facility.

After the expiration of the 75 day pre-suit period, the operator of the ALF must either reject the claim or provide a written settlement offer. Almost always the operators reject the claim. When that happens, we file suit seeking recovery for the full measure of our client’s injuries, pain and suffering and medical bills.

Workplace Injuries

Generally speaking, if a person is injured on the job, he or she will be entitled to a workers’ compensation claim that provides 100% coverage for medical bills, partial payment of wage loss and compensation for any resulting disability. However, workers’ compensation benefits do not provide compensation for pain and suffering which is typically the largest component of a standard “liability” claim.

An injured worker can have a liability claim in addition to a workers’ compensation claim for the same accident, if the accident was caused by someone that was not working for the same employer. For example, our Jacksonville injury lawyers represented a young woman whose foot was run over by a forklift operator while she was working in a Winn-Dixie warehouse. The driver of the forklift was working for a company that was delivering product to the warehouse and he did not work for Winn-Dixie. As a result, the woman was able to pursue a claim against the company that employed the forklift operator.

Understanding the interplay between workers’ compensation and liability claims is extremely important. For example, Florida’s workers’ compensation statutes require that the injured person’s employer cooperate with the prosecution of a liability. Often, we can uncover additional facts and evidence supporting a liability claim by requiring the employer to cooperate by providing information. Our injury attorneys in Jacksonville and St. Augustine have handled these types of cases for many years.

If you have suffered injuries due to the fault of others, we can consult with you at either our Jacksonville or St. Augustine offices, in your home, at a location or restaurant near your home, over the telephone or through Zoom. Consultations and second opinions are always free.

Client Reviews
I have known Mr. Lawrence for several years and in my opinion he is the most professional and trustworthy lawyer I have ever known. I have had dealings with other lawyers but they were not as good as Mr. Lawrence. I would highly recommend him. Carla
I was referred to Greg by a coworker after I received a bad injury from an auto accident and was so pleased with Greg, and staff. They literally took care of everything for me while I was healing and kept me updated every step of the way. Calls and emails were always accepted and returned promptly and they were extremely patient and helpful with any questions and concerns that I had. Should I ever need legal assistance again I will definitely be calling him and referring him to family and friends. Amie M.
I had a difficult disability case, and was referred to Greg by a judge. As an experienced lawyer myself, I was apprehensive about using someone I didn't know. As it turned out, however, I could not have been more pleased. Greg mastered the case in no time, and was nothing short of brilliant in getting me a substantial settlement. He's a lawyer's lawyer, and I recommend him highly and without reservation. Steve
I would like to take a moment to say thanks to Greg, and his staff for doing an excellent job with my deceased mothers nursing home case. After hiring two other law firms my brothers and I decided to hire Greg. This was the best decision that we made regarding this case. Greg took the time to get to know who our deceased mother was, and the important facts involving our claim. As a result Greg was successful in resolving our claim to our satisfaction. Greg is the best attorney that I have ever met! I would highly recommend hiring Greg for any nursing home, or any other claims. Falsario Arnold
Of all the things that pleased me about Greg was that he was always available to me. If I called or emailed, I spoke to him and wasn't pushed off to one of his paralegals or assistants (although they were very helpful as well). I felt like I had a lawyer - not a factory. Scott
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