Can I sue for Personal Injuries Caused by a Dog Bite or Attack if the Dog has Never Bitten Anyone Before?

It does not matter if the dog has ever bitten anyone before. According to Florida law, the owner of the dog is liable even if the dog has never shown aggressive behavior. Years ago, Florida law provided that a dog owner would not be held liable the first time his or her dog bit a person. Fortunately, this is no longer the case in Florida. Dog bites can be quite serious and oftentimes, children are the victims. For example, we have made a six-figure recovery for a client who suffered personal injuries from a dog bite. Homeowners’ insurance sometimes will cover the owner for dog attacks. However, policies are increasingly excluding coverage for breeds that tend to be more aggressive. Personal injuries resulting from dog attacks or bites include puncture wounds, infection, scarring, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, loss of normal range of motion of the bitten area and traumatic psychological injuries.