If I Currently Have a Personal Injury Lawyer, but I am Unhappy With his or her Representation of Me, can I Switch Lawyers?

Just like a painter, mechanic, or anyone one else performing a service for you, you have the right to fire an attorney. If the attorney has not acted reasonably towards keeping you informed or has not diligently pursued your case, you may fire that attorney without incurring any expense. You also have the right to get a second opinion if you do not agree with your attorney's evaluation of your case or plan of action. We are often hired by clients who have fired a prior law firm. Almost without exception, the reason for the client's dissatisfaction is that they could not get in touch with their lawyer, and their phone calls were not returned. Because our firm focuses on the quality of cases we handle and not on the quantity of cases we handle, we provide one on one service. Your calls to our injury attorneys will be returned promptly.